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EF-18LV Lò chiên bằng điện

Mã số máy


Điện ápđịnh mức


Tần số

50 Hz

Công suất

4.8 kW

Điều khiển nhiệt độ

50 – 200oC

Dung tích chứa dầu

18 L

Kích thước

330 x 615 x 439 mm

Trọng lượng

8.5 kg

EF-18LV Electric Fryers

All the machine is made of stainless steel ,the handleof the fry basket is made of plastic ,prevent your hands from scald .The frybasket can be lifted up for filtering the oil.There is also a light cover forpreventing the oil from splashing , more humanity designed .

Every inch of the frypot and cold zone can be cleanedand wiped down by hand.

Electric Fryer is ideal for both commercial uses andhome uses,such as lower volume restaurant, cafes, fast food stands, snack bars,other foodservice operations and family gathering. It has features offashionable design, reasonable construction, convenient operation, fast speed intemperature raising etc

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